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Elevate your online presence with our SEO services and experience a surge in website visitors, quality leads, and enhanced conversion rates. TIC scientifically tested search engine optimization delivers tangible results

SEO: Return On Investment Is Everything

A certain method to earn the worst return on investment is to underquote an SEO customer. This is due to the constant competition in SEO. In this search engine ranking race, the objective is to maintain the lead and steer others who are coming up behind you rather than merely taking first place.

It’s crucial to know how quickly you need to run to beat the opposition if there are several people ahead of you. You won’t be able to catch up if you keep running at the same pace.

Your ranking and speed will be based on how much money you put in SEO. You wish to move more quickly? Increase your investment! More funds equate to more time. Similar to a personal trainer, you will make more progress if you put in more time.

How are you going to outpace those ahead of you if your monthly investment is only $200 and theirs is $2500? Not at all. In order to guarantee outcomes, it is crucial to calculate the job based on your speed.

With a monthly investment of $2000, you could create a variety of cash streams and strategically position yourself at the top of Google. You would have a great return on investment with active leads and an extra $10,000 to $50,000 pouring in.

Scientifically Tested Search Engine Optimization

When done correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) is a very efficient way to bring in new clients and qualified leads to your website.

With regard to your SEO, we don’t make educated guesses, rely on luck, or wish for the best. We base our SEO methods on in-depth analysis and data that has been proven by science. And we consistently back up our findings.

Some SEO firms employ obsolete and unproven techniques. Before developing a unique approach that is based on concrete data and is guaranteed to produce the best results for you, our team of SEO experts thoroughly examines your company, website, and consumer base.

To see how our monthly or long-term SEO services can help you increase your revenue, get in touch with us right away.

SEO Services Includes

Our successful search engine optimization techniques have improved organic web traffic to and increased conversions for our clients. Regardless of whether your company is local or global, we have a team of experts who will make sure it reaches the pinnacles of success.

Site Audit

We’ll perform a site audit for you when you’re having trouble determining why your website is still performing slowly and isn’t bringing in enough organic traffic. You’ll have a report detailing the strong and weak parts of your website at the end of the day.

Keyword Research & Targeting Strategy

Using the RIV (Relevance, Intent & Volume) filtration method, we uncover keywords that are pertinent to your company. Not the one, this. Finding the most popular long tail keywords and LSI variations of the main keyword takes a lot of our effort.

On-Site SEO

Our highly skilled SEO Toronto specialists are familiar with the ideal formula for a successful on-page SEO approach. They reject the idea of consistently preparing the same SEO soup with the same components.

Fixing Website's Technical Issues

We can resolve the following technical difficulties with your website: poor page loading times, erroneous site indexing, a lack of XML sitemaps and HTTPS security, a lack of robots.txt, an incorrect Rel = Canonical, a lack of Alt Tags, broken links, an ineffective website, and duplicate content.

Off-Page SEO

If your off-page SEO is subpar, don’t stress. With the help of our tried-and-true tactics, we can reinforce it. We’ll create a solid backlink profile, fix broken links, reach out to influencers, and boost social media shares and engagement.

Local SEO

We design a landing page and locate keywords based on your target geo-location. Then after your GMB profile is optimized, important company data is to be added to directories.

Strengthening Backlink

For you, we build a solid backlink profile. It will raise the domain authority, improve brand recognition, and increase referral traffic.

Content Creation

We create articles and blogs that directly address users about their questions so that they can connect to our content. Our content distribution tactics will majorly increase your audience’s reach, generate quality leads, and ultimately help in conversion growth.

Why Does Your Website Needs Best SEO?

The only way to get the exposure and leads that a growing business needs is through search engine optimization. Additionally, search engine optimization gives your company a competitive edge. We assist you in dominating Google search results. The best UX keeps your consumers coming back. Our web marketing initiatives foster brand trust, which will contribute to long-term success.

This decade is all about NEPOTISM, or “getting on Google’s good side.” White Hat SEO is the route that will get you noticed by Google. TIC Media takes this straightforward approach to persuade Google that YOU are deserving of its attention. It is obvious that your company needs SEO services to bring in organic traffic and lead prospects that are qualified.

Auditing Your Website For Top SEO

We will audit your website as part of our SEO services and search for anything that needs to be updated or added. Here are a few of the most important factors our SEO business takes into account.


These parts of your website where you place keywords have a big impact on how well you rank for those queries.


Your keywords should be included in URLs together with real words. They must be organized so that search engines can quickly explore your website using just your URLs.


Can consumers and web crawlers traverse your website with ease? Your navigation structure should be straightforward, structured, and consistent. This is crucial for conversion optimization as well as usability and SEO.


These parts of your website where you place keywords have a big impact on how well you rank for those queries.


Your keywords should be included in URLs together with real words. They must be organized so that search engines can quickly explore your website using just your URLs.


Can consumers and web crawlers traverse your website with ease? Your navigation structure should be straightforward, structured, and consistent. This is crucial for conversion optimization as well as usability and SEO.

3 steps to a Award-winning SEO

Search engine optimization is all we do. No, we really do. We gave up on the “smoke and mirrors” SEO success formulas and made the very early decision to excel at what we do. Our ideals, our structure, our approach, and our unique digital marketing techniques were all developed using our talents. fostering an internal culture that encourages these behaviors and actions to continue and develop. Although it seems easy, it actually works.

Schedule a Call

It’s time to consult an SEO professional if you aren’t getting the Google rankings or the commercial success you desire.

Get Your Custom SEO Strategy

Discuss your goals during the call. Before you end the call, you’ll have the general framework of a plan that will help you score highly.

Higher Ranking

Start attracting more customers and generating more interest in your company. 2023 is the year to see a return on your investment.

What Wonders Our SEO Marketing Services Can Do For Your Business

TIC has assembled a team of SEO experts from around the globe that are skilled in developing and putting into practice top-notch SEO tactics. We have optimized websites on WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and other significant platforms. Additionally, we have spent the last ten years developing exclusive SEO techniques that are supported by statistics and scientific research. They enable us to provide you with the best ROI by keeping us abreast of the most recent changes in the market.

With over 100 successful SEO customers and some of the most spectacular growth percentages in the business, we can demonstrate our outcomes. As an SEO business, we want to see you achieve the same success as the clients we’ve helped all around the world.

Our SEO Optimization Process


As soon as you sign up as a TIC client, we’ll start researching your company, products, market, and sector. We want to learn as much as we can about everything, both good and terrible. This crucial first step assists our SEO team in getting ready for outreach, link building, and keyword research. Additionally, we make use of this data to create unique SEO pricing and tactics.


We develop both short- and long-term strategies after learning everything we can about your company and its competitors. These comprise properly thought-out plans for your selected services, such as PPC, email, social media marketing, link building, outreach, and keywords, copy, and outreach. As soon as everything is set up, our expert teams may begin their work.


Our SEO firm employees can start working on their individual jobs now that they have a plan in place. Our copy team will use your keywords, branding, and tone to generate and optimize compelling content. Your website will be crawled by our developers to look for any duplicate content, missing page components, or other issues that can affect your rankings. 


You are given your own team of experts when you first begin with us, and they will collaborate with you throughout the entire procedure. Your first point of contact will be one of your digital producers, who will also schedule alignment calls every two weeks. Updates on our progress, any inquiries we may have for you, and our plans for the following step will all be covered in these conversations.


As an SEO services company, we want you to know exactly what’s going on at all times. That’s why we use multiple analytics tools to track every movement on your website, and Basecamp for real-time document sharing and communication. We also send you frequent reports on your metrics so you can see what we’ve done and how it’s impacted your bottom line.


Your business’s traffic, conversions, and revenue will start to alter once we’ve applied our SEO plan. Depending on a number of variables, including the age of your website and the services we’ve offered, those changes may develop gradually or they may happen suddenly. In order to propel you to the top, we’ll keep an eye on all of these growth elements and keep putting our long-term plans into action.

Increase in Organic Traffic & Conversion Rate | Witness First Page Rankings in a Few Months!

Major Companies Chooses Our Best SEO Service

One of the top SEO firms in Canada is TIC. Search engines scream about our SEO outcomes. Our SEO tactics focus on getting the desired outcomes. Our SEO experts have an acute eye to carefully examine & assess the project. Prior to examining the project, they establish two points: Point A (the project’s current stage) and Point B (how do we view the project in the future?). The distinction between the two points is eliminated by our search engine optimization techniques.

Consistent Results

Results from our SEO strategies are consistently above expectations. Every day that goes by will see a rise in organic traffic. Your website’s position for various keywords will improve spot by spot. The CTR and website authority will increase. The majority of your target market will start to recognize you for the excellence of your goods or services.

Affordable Prices

We don’t have inflated prices. Our fee schedule is quite competitive. We adjust the SEO strategy to meet the needs of the client. They are only charged for the chosen sub-services. There won’t be any unstated fees. You’ll see the value of paying for search engine optimization services once you see the outcomes.

Ethical SEO

We are the best Toronto SEO company for your business. because we don’t utilize any underhanded or unethical tactics. We only employ SEO methods that are morally correct. Our SEO specialists stay current with Google’s frequently updated SEO requirements.

Personalized Strategies

There isn’t a single method of search engine optimization that can meet the demands of all businesses and sectors. Our conscientious SEO specialists go to great pains to create a customized and goal-oriented SEO plan that will be very effective for the sort of firm you have.

Clients For Life

Our outstanding SEO services have kept clients from switching to any other SEO firm in Canada. Many of our customers have been working with us for ten years. Our business’s core strength is client retention. It wouldn’t be susceptible to a terrible epidemic like COVID-19.

What is TIC doing that other SEO agencies aren’t?

There isn’t a single action plan that can meet the objectives of all firms. Every firm has a unique brand identity, targeted audience, services offered, and price structures. The typical SEO firm in Canada won’t bother looking closely at the aims and purposes of a specific company. They receive a project, begin working on it without a plan, and then offer justifications to the clients, blaming Google’s core algorithm update for the ranks decline.

TIC, however, is NOT your typical SEO firm. We are a successful SEO company. As a result, our strategy for producing results is totally unique.

We engage ourselves in your project progressively. We make inferences about how your assignment was previously, how it should be at this point, and what would be required to meet the milestones. Next, we attempt to compile a list of your company website’s best and worst features. The next step is to gather ideas for how things might function. Our SEO specialists meet with the project owner to go over some important issues and explain some significant modifications they will be making to the website. We achieve SEO success by studying and analyzing your project in this way.

Feeling that urge to talk to the SEO team?

FAQs - About SEO Services

How is TIC different from other SEO companies?

We distinguish ourselves from the competition with our practical SEO tactics. We provide services to a variety of local and international businesses. We have a highly skilled SEO team that is familiar with the tricks of the trade for eCommerce SEO, global SEO, and local SEO. We differ from other SEO services in that we always have data to present to clients during meetings.

Which sub-services do you provide under a complete SEO Package?

For great business growth, we advise choosing a full SEO plan. The following auxiliary services are included in this SEO bundle.

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical Errors Elimination
  • Off-Site SEO
  • Content Creation
How do you determine the success of SEO campaigns?

The following factors are typically used to determine whether a search engine optimization campaign was successful.

  • Amount of organic traffic generated
  • Total number of leads generated
  • Percentage increase in revenue
What is the expected time frame for seeing results?

SEO requires patience. We can’t rush it or our efforts would be in vain. An SEO campaign typically takes six months to start producing results. Because they employ black-hat or gray-hat SEO strategies, SEO experts who guarantee results in a month or two are unreliable.

Can you help me gain more traffic on my online store?

SEO is a systematic procedure. Increasing traffic to your online store is the first step. Finding qualified leads is the next stage. At some point, increasing the conversion rate becomes the main priority. Therefore, we can do more for you than merely increase website traffic.

Can you fix the technical SEO errors on the website under the selected SEO plan?

Of sure, I say! SEO success cannot be our goal till our website is technically sound. It ought to be error-free. All of these problems—HTTP errors, inappropriate metadata, expired domain names, missing alt text on images, and duplicate content—are removed during our SEO campaign.

How can I track the progress of my project?

We communicate monthly & weekly reports outlining the project’s development. In addition, we hold client meetings to get their permission on our plans and their input on our search engine optimization work.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO requires time. LOL! Joking aside, the price of SEO depends on the sub-services that are chosen for the SEO package. To learn more about the pricing, get in touch with our Canada SEO professionals.

How can SEO help my business grow?

SEO may assist your business website create large organic visitors. More visitors equate to more leads. More leads will lead to a high conversion rate, and as a consequence of a high conversion rate, revenue increases. An increase in revenue will scale up your business.

What’s your approach to link building?

Creating high-quality backlinks is our goal. Thus we follow the best practices for link building like – guest blogging, remaining active on forum & Q&A sites, outreaching networks & leveraging existing mentions. For TIC, link building does not merely mean carrying on developing new backlinks. Rather, it includes disavowing the links made on unrelated sites.

Does SEO still work in 2023?

There is no end in sight to the era of search engine optimization. SEO will continue to be effective in 2023 or 2033. There won’t be any marketing channels left if SEO fails.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is SEO. Digital marketing also cannot afford for SEO to be obsolete. The days of offline businesses becoming successful are long gone. A business must now have an online presence in order to succeed. An internet business can only be successful with SEO.

Do you use a universal SEO strategy for your projects?

When it comes to SEO, there is no one method that fits all situations. Every project has a unique set of criteria. Our highly skilled team of Canada SEO experts thoroughly researches and evaluates a project. They then develop an SEO strategy that is appropriate for their company, including a list of tasks that fall under both off-page and on-page optimization.

Does web design impact SEO?

SEO is significantly influenced by web design. The online representation of your company is its website. It is where visitors go to learn more about your company’s name and products. A website must therefore be carefully constructed. “Visitors determine to stay or bounce back based on web design,” according to our Canada SEO experts.

Which web pages should a good website have from an SEO point of view?

A web page serves as a destination for visitors. If you want to have a successful business website, you must have the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Product Category Pages
  • Product Sub Category Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • FAQ Pages
Does my website need to be redesigned for better SEO results?

Web design has an impact on SEO, as we all know. It is the initial thing users view before they start engaging with you. Because SEO can drive traffic to the website, the SEO operations may not succeed in the absence of a visually appealing and enticing website design. Your website’s design will determine whether or not visitors desire to return. While a poor web design might raise the bounce rate, a good one can enhance conversions.

In the event that an SEO audit reveals that a website’s design is subpar, we will advise the customer to get it redone. You don’t have to work with a different business to develop your website. A reputable web design firm in Canada is called TIC.

Does SEO require a one-time effort?

In no way! Set it and forget it doesn’t apply to SEO. According to our SEO experts in Canada, “SEO calls for constant efforts. Once goals are reached, one shouldn’t quit. Because long-term goals cannot be achieved if progress is stopped.

Do you use google analytics for SEO?

For an SEO effort to be successful, Google analytics is essential. It aids in comprehension of the site’s functionality. It generates a thorough report for your website based on a number of factors. With the help of this tool, SEO professionals can decide where to spend their time and money.